How to Start Seeds Indoors

How to Start Seeds Indoors

Welcome to the launch of our Seeds Collection! We’re happy you’re here. For a lot of us, we might not have the space for the garden of our dreams. And with the time spent indoors the past year, we’ve decided to grow fruits and vegetables at home. Today, we’ll be showing you just how easy it is. Get your Green Thumbs ready!


What you’ll need:

- Seeds

- Soil

- Vessels

- Water

- Marker

Step 1:

The first step to starting your indoor garden is finding the right vessel to house the seeds. You can purchase trays that have individual cells or you can repurpose household items. We’re using 2 inch Grow Pots, but yogurt cups, old containers, etc. can be used. Just make sure you have 2-3 inches of depth and you create drainage holes in the bottom, if not present.


Step 2:

Finding the right soil plays a big factor in the success of your seedlings. We recommend a lighter soil compared to one that’s heavier like clay soil. If you're able to use an organic soil, that would be best. Just be aware, it is not recommended to re-use old soil you already have. Once you have found your soil, it's time to fill the vessels. Making sure the soil is moist first, add it to the vessel until it's almost full.


Step 3:

The depth that the seeds need to be planted in the soil depend on the instructions on the back of our seed packets. For this example, we’re using our Sweet Golden Cal Wonder Pepper seeds. Planting depth for germination is ¼” in soil. Place a seed in the soil and gently press it to its needed depth and cover with soil. 


Step 4:

Water the planted seeds according to the instructions. These Pepper Seeds require watering once a week for the first 10 days. Once the seeds have sprouted, they’re ready to be transported to larger vessels. Continue to water once a week until ready to harvest.


We also like to use a marker or even popsicle stick to label each species to track growth.

We hope this helps anyone wanting to start their own DIY garden. Happy planting!

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