Feng Shui with House Plants

Feng Shui with House Plants

The philosophy of Feng Shui dates back thousands of years, and is still a commonly used practice in many homes to increase prosperity and joy within the home. Today, we will dicuss how you can use houseplants to create “good feng shui” in your space.

So, what is Feng Shui you may ask? Feng Shui is the “practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces in order to create balance with the natural world. The goal is to harness energy forces and establish harmony between an individual and their environment.says The Spruce. Plants carry yang energy, integral to balance within the home.

There are a few different plants that are thought to bring a certain abundance to your life. Starting with a plant that will help to purify the air in your space, the Boston Fern. These long and leafy plants are also perfect for small spaces with bright and indirect light, which make them easy to care for as well. 

To bring protective energy to your home, a Mother-In-Law’s Tongue or “Snake Plant” is the perfect plant to introduce to your abode. The Snake Plant absorbs many toxins such as formaldehyde and converts carbon dioxide to oxygen at night, making for cleaner air. Being that the Snake Plant tolerates low-light, it can be placed in a darker corner of a room.


If you’re looking for a plant to bring wealth and prosperity, the Jade Plant is your go-to. The Jade Plant is said to also bring friendship and is great to be gifted to new homeowners to bring them good luck! This beautiful and vibrant succulent should be placed by the entrance of a business or in a southeast location of your home. 

The classic Pothos Ivy is recommended to balance ch’i and clear any stagnant energy in the home. In our modern world of stress, stagnant ch’i is the ailment of our times. Being one of the easier plants to care for, this trailing plant will grow to live in “dead areas” such as above cabinets and empty corners and bring new life and joy to these spaces.

We hope that this article inspires you to create Feng Shui in your home and joyful balance in your home with the help of house plants!

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