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  • Improve the Air Quality

    Some succulents, like snake plant and aloe vera, are good at removing toxins from the air and improve the air quality.

  • Enhance the Aesthetics

    Succulents make your home a sanctuary, A place of peace and a beauty. You can place them on any piece of furniture.

  • Easier to Maintain

    They are low-maintenance plants that are drought-resistant. Succulents use about half the water as other plants.

Feng Shui with House Plants

The philosophy of Feng Shui dates back thousands of years, and is still a commonly used practice in many homes to increase prosperity and joy within the home. Today, we will dicuss how you can use houseplants to create “good feng shui” in your space.

There are a few different plants that are thought to bring a certain abundance to your life. Starting with a plant that will help to purify the air in your space, the Boston Fern. These long and leafy plants are also perfect for small spaces with bright and indirect light, which make them easy to care for as well.

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