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All About The ZZ Plant
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All About The ZZ Plant

Next stop on our list of plants that are relatively easy to care for, The ZZ Plant. This plant is hands down one of the easiest and most forgiving plants to have in your space. The ZZ doesn’t require much and can withstand waterings for a long period of time.

Have a read about this plant below.

Habitat Needs

All that this plant needs is a proper sized planter that allows it to show off its shiny, waxy leaves.  Always remember to keep your plant in a pot that has drainage holes for proper watering.


Lighting Needs

The ZZ Plant is a lover of bright, indirect sunlight. This means close to a window but not directly in the sun. If this plant is left in the sun rays, it can cause the leaves to scorch. However, this plant can become ‘leggy’ if it doesn’t get enough sunlight. This may seem confusing, but just remember, no direct sunlight and your plant will be happy.

Watering Needs

This plant should be watered whenever its soil dries out completely, so every other week or so. An easy way to find this out is by doing the Finger Test. If you stick your finger 1-2” into the soil and it's not damp, it's ready to water. However, it can withstand months without watering and stores water under the soil. 

Temperature Needs

The ZZ Plant enjoys warmer weather and doesn’t typically like to be in colder climates. The ideal temperature for this plant is between 60 and 90. Aim for temperatures no lower than 45 degrees fahrenheit. If your space is on the drier side, adding a humidifier could help your houseplant as well.

Nutrient Needs

ZZ plants are happy without fertilizer, but if you would like, you can give the plants half strength fertilizer one to two times a year and only in the summer months.

How to Propagate

If you’d like to propagate your ZZ Plant, simply take a clean pair of garden shears and snip off a stalk that has a couple of leaves on it and place it in a vessel of water. (We like to repurpose glass containers around the house.) Once the cuttings have sprouted roots that are a few inches long, they’re ready to be planted in their own pot of soil. 

zz plant propagation


We hope this helped any new plant parents. Happy Planting!

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