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All About The Pothos Plant
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All About The Pothos Plant

For a new plant parent, getting started can sometimes seem challenging if you’re not well versed with plant care. So, we’ve decided to start a new blog series diving deep into each individual plants’ care that we have. Starting off with one of the easiest houseplants we can think of- The Pothos.


The Pothos, or ‘Devil’s Ivy’ is a very forgiving plant, so long as you remember to water it every few days or so. This tropical aroid vine with smooth and leathery heart-shaped leaves are native to Southeast Asia, and can tolerate low light conditions and periods of drought. It also happens to be one of the easiest plants to propagate and make new plants to share with friends and family!

Habitat Needs

This trailing plant is best suspended, allowing it to grow vertically. Unlike an Ivy Plant, The Pothos will not attach its vines to any walls, trellises, etc. however, using hooks to hold its vines will help it grow around windows and up walls. Always remember to keep your plant in a pot that has drainage holes for proper watering.

pothos hanging trailing plant unsplash


Lighting Needs

The Pothos is a lover of bright, indirect sunlight. This means close to a window but not directly in the sun. If this plant is left in the sun rays, it can cause the leaves to scorch. If your plant has variegation, it can lose its patterns if it doesn’t get enough sunlight. This may seem confusing, but just remember, no direct sunlight and your plant will be happy.

Watering Needs

Although this plant derives from tropical climates, it prefers for its soil to be completely dried out in between waterings. We recommend doing the finger test- stick your finger in the top of the soil about 1-2” down and if the soil isn’t damp, time for a watering! Overwatering this plant can cause the roots to rot. Another sign of needing water is if the leaves start to droop. Just don’t let the leaves turn brown.

Temperature Needs

When considering the temperature needed for this plant, do consider the tropical climates it derived from. The Pothos Plant prefers 65-75 degrees fahrenheit and can withstand temperatures down to 50 degrees. This plant loves humidity, so adding a humidifier near the plant if living in drier climates can help this plant thrive. 

Nutrient Needs

This plant is a very easy plant in regards to nutrients. An all-purpose liquid fertilizer added to its soil twice or more a year will encourage growth. 


How to Propagate

If you’d like to propagate yout Pothos, simply take a clean pair of garden shears and snip off a few legs of the Pothos near the ‘nodes’ and place in a vessel of water. (We like to repurpose glass containers around the house.) Once the cuttings have sprouted roots that are a few inches long, they’re ready to be planted in their own pot of soil. 

 pothos plant propagate in water glass vessel


We hope this helped any new plant parents. Happy Planting!

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