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Tillandsia Caput Medusae

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Tillandsia Caput Medusae, also known as Medusa's head plant, is a wild looking air plant that seems to intrigue again and again. This sturdy air plant resembles the snake-like hair of Medusa as it grows wildly in all directions with one thick leaf layering over another.  Air plants absorb most of their water and necessary nutrients through their tricomes.  Trichomes are specialized epidermal cells located on aerial parts of plants and play many roles. 

Caput Medusae blooms amazing purple and peach shades. Like most tillandsias, Caput Medusae uses its roots to adhere to trees or rocks. Because these exotic bromeliads do not require a planting medium, there are many creative ways to cultivate it in living spaces.

Mist this plant a few times a week and shake off the excess to avoid any water sitting on the plant.  Air plants enjoy bright indirect light and need no planting medium.  They are perfect to get creative. 

Size: approx 6 inches