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String of Watermelons (Curio Herreanus) Live Outdoor/Indoor Hanging Succulent Plant Fully Rooted in 6" Pot

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String of Watermelons (also known as String of Beads or String of Raindrops) is known for its unique leaves that look just like mini watermelons. The leaves show off red to purple stripes down them resembling the look of a watermelon. The more sun the plant receives the stronger the striations will get. With less sun the plant will look more of a lush green. This succulent plant is the ideal hanging succulent and does well both indoor or outdoor with enough bright light. String of Watermelons plant is a beautiful option for use in succulent weddings, design, single planters, succulent terrariums or arrangements, or even in-ground in your garden! String of watermelons produces small white blooms that look like pom-poms. It is a rare succulent plant that has a big impact hanging around the home.