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String of Dolphins Live Outdoor/Indoor Hanging Succulent Plant Fully Rooted in Pot

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Senecio Peregrinus also known as String of Dolphins is a very unique plant with blue-green leaves shaped like dolphins jumping. This is a perfect house plant for an office or hanging by a window. This rare succulent is a hybrid of String of Pearls and Candle Plant. 

- String of Dolphins cannot tolerate frost but instead prefers plenty of sunlight

- Each leaf has a translucent crescent or leaf window that allows the plant to take in sunlight

- Because of this String of Dolphin can handle lower light environments. Be sure not to over-water as succulents are prone to root rot. Always check to see that the soil has dried out from the previous water before watering again

- String of Dolphin can grow up to 3 feet long if properly cared for

- This stunning and unique plant is highly collectable