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Maranta Green Prayer Plant

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Maranta "Leuconeura" is native to Central and South America.  Prayer plants are know for their leaves response to light.  The leaves will move toward the light during the day and at night tend to droop down and fold in as if praying.  Prayer plant is the nickname for the members of the genus Maranta.  Calatheas are also very closely related and so their leaves tend to have similar response to light.  Maranta Green has remarkable leaves with brown blotches moving down the center of the leaf.  It looks reminiscent of a cheetahs beautiful markings giving you the sense of being outdoors in nature.

Maranta Green has wonderful air purifying properties and is easy to care for.  These live plants prefer bright indirect light and a more humid environment.  If your environment is not humid it is ok, these plants can tolerate it.  Often we suggest grouping your Marantas and Calatheas together so that their leaves create a little humidity naturally.  Water your Maranta every 1-2 weeks.  Maranta Greens do not like to have their soil dry completely out nor do they like their soil soggy.  Maranta Prayer Plants like the temperature to hang around 65 - 85 degrees.  Think of these plants as preferring everything in the middle of the road: water, temperature, and light.

Fun Fact: Marantas are pet friendly plants.  They are not toxic to dogs or cats