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Pastel Succulent Bulk Collection

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The Pastel Collection features our mini succulent pack, a quality assortment of low-maintenance mini bright and serenely colored succulent plants in perfectly sized 2” grow pots. These hardy plants bring natural elegance to any setting, whether you’re using them for wedding favors, or simply adding greenery to your desk or windowsill. 

While the pastel collection includes some repeat species, we've designed it to offer a diverse range of succulent species with many shapes, textures, and pastel colors. This collection provides both familiarity and excitement, making sure you have a well-rounded succulent assortment that is full of beauty.

Our nursery grows a wide variety of succulent species, carefully curated for their beauty and hardiness. Keep in mind that availability may vary from photos depending on the season, ensuring you always receive the freshest and most stunning selection.


Succulents are very sensitive to overwatering, and damp soil can cause root rot. Dry out soil completely between waterings. Recommended amount is once every two weeks. Tip: top inch of soil should feel dry before watering again.


Fertilize every two to four weeks during spring and summer. Withhold fertilizer during the fall and winter months.


Use well-draining soil. Use a cactus soil/mix potting soil with sand/pumice/perlite. Succulents loves lots of bright light.


These small plants are versatile and fun! Simply plant them in your favorite pot to decorate your home or office. Succulents make perfect gifts! Mini succulent plants also make great wedding/baby shower favors. They are the perfect size for DIY terrariums and fairy gardens. The possibilities are endless!