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Assorted Succulents Mix In Bulk Pack Sizes

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Our Assorted Succulent Packs offer a wide range of different succulent varieties.  Our bulk succulent packs come in varying quantities and are our most cost conscious packs available.  We choose these plants daily based on quality, readiness, and available succulent varieties based on time of year.  These packs (like all of our plant packs) are ever changing.  Our Assorted Collection Packs will deliver with a minimum of 8 different varieties.  Looking for more variety?  Mix and match our different collections or check out our Show Stopper Unique Packs.  If you are still looking for more or are in need of something specific email us directly!

Our bulk succulent packs work well for events, party favors, wedding favors, DIY or craft projects and more.


Succulents are very sensitive to overwatering, and damp soil can cause root rot. Dry out soil completely between waterings. Recommended amount is once every two weeks. Tip: top inch of soil should feel dry before watering again.


Fertilize every two to four weeks during spring and summer. Withhold fertilizer during the fall and winter months.


Use well-draining soil. Use a cactus soil/mix potting soil with sand/pumice/perlite. Succulents loves lots of bright light.


These small plants are versatile and fun! Simply plant them in your favorite pot to decorate your home or office. Succulents make perfect gifts! Mini succulent plants also make great wedding/baby shower favors. They are the perfect size for DIY terrariums and fairy gardens. The possibilities are endless!