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Why Do My Succulents Keep Dying?
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Why Do My Succulents Keep Dying?

Succulents are a great way to brighten up a living space.  These small plants are low-maintenance and hardy and that makes them a great option for people looking for a simple houseplant. There are so many ways you can use succulents and cacti around your home. Whether inside or outdoors, succulents are a great addition to your setup. 

However, succulents are still living plants and consequently are vulnerable to their environments.  While they are hardier than other houseplants, succulents still will die occasionally, especially if their environment is less-than ideal.  

Factors that might be inconsequential at first glance in your succulent setup will dramatically impact their longevity. Everything from their location within the house to the pot you use can either shorten or lengthen the life of any given succulent. However, those factors are not always intuitive, and you might still find your succulents fading faster than expected. If you love your succulents, but keep finding them dead, you might occasionally find yourself asking, “Why do my succulents keep dying?”

Well, the experts here at Shop Succulents are here to help! We know a thing or two about succulents and have seen a variety of different causes of succulents dying over the years. A few simple tips can impact how long your succulents stick around and keep them healthier for longer. Read on to learn more and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for more information! 

Succulent Factor 1: Water

Water is likely the first place to investigate when dealing with succulents that keep dying. Most plants will die without water and succulents are no exception. If you’re asking yourself why your succulents keep dying, water is an important factor to consider. 

Now, it is important to note that the answer is not to immediately increase water. Far from it. 

Succulents thrive in environments that receive consistent rainfall but may still go a few weeks without precipitation. Subtropical regions of Mexico and grassy areas of South Africa are two prime examples of great habitats for succulents. Whereas other plants might need more water to keep them hearty and healthy, succulents will die if they receive too much water. This is true of mostly all plants, but succulents have a lower tolerance for water than other houseplants.

Too much watering also increases the odds of any sort of rot. If succulents sit too long in excess water, the odds of rot increase dramatically. 

Now, inversely, succulents are not well-suited for true deserts. That’s a misconception. Remember, succulents might need less water than other houseplants, but they still do need water. The secret is to find a happy medium when watering your succulents. This usually means watering between every other week and once a month, depending on your environment, time of year and the variety at hand. Please research your specific variety of succulents for a more custom watering cadence. 

Succulent Factor 2: Light

Succulents tend to do well in-direct sunlight and are fairly hardy when it comes to the amount of sunlight they can weather. Generally, a window or area of the house that receives a good deal of sunlight during the day is perfect for a succulent. If you are growing your succulents outside, you might want to be a little more aware of where they are placed. Constant sunlight will also damage your succulents. If you see succulents dying, it’s likely that either too much or too little sun is a part of the equation.

Signs that your succulents are receiving too little sunlight include:

  • Faded Color
  • Elongating Stems
  • Flattened Leaves

Signs that your succulents are receiving too much sunlight include:

  • Closed Rosettes
  • Rough, Yellow, or Brown Edges on Leaves
  • Localized Dark Spots Like a Sunburn, Particularly on One Side

If you still find your succulents dying, a houseplant-light with a timer could be a useful option, especially for indoor succulents. 

Succulent Factor 3: Soil 

If your succulents keep dying, repotting them in the right soil is a good option as well to keep them at their healthiest. A rocky, nutritious soil is the right call. If you use potting mixes, a mix designed for succulents and cacti will be best. Be sure to also remember to plant your succulents in a pot with a small hole for drainage. This is the best way to prevent rot – by allowing excess water to drain out from the pot. If your succulents tend to die quickly, using a succulent-friendly potting mix and pot moving forward is another great option to keep your succulents healthy. 

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Do your succulents keep dying? Arm yourself with these succulent care tips to keep them healthy for longer. If you do need to reup your succulent supply, order from today! We offer a variety of different succulents and cacti for your living space. Whatever your need, we have a succulent or cactus for you! 

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