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How Often Should You Water Succulents?
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How Often Should You Water Succulents?

We love succulents, and it’s easy to see why they are a common houseplant. They are known for being easy to care for and a good recommendation for someone who wants a houseplant but does not have much time to invest in caring for a plant. They tend to be forgiving, affordable, and a beautiful addition to any living space, and thus are great options for a starter houseplant. 

However, we often are asked by our patrons just how much water succulents need to thrive. While succulents need less care than other plants, they still have specific biological requirements to thrive. Water is probably the most important of these. Knowing just how much water your succulents need is an important question to ask and one that we’re happy to dive into. 

Read on To Learn More About Succulents & Water

Succulents as Desert Plants

It’s important that we clear up a common misconception. Succulents are often portrayed as a desert plant. It’s one of the reasons why you commonly see succulents sold alongside cactuses. Now, there is some truth to this. Certain varieties of succulents actually do very well in desert environments, and most succulents can last a while without water. 

However, it’s important to highlight that most succulent varieties are from the subtropical areas of Mexico and South Africa. These are certainly arid regions with extended time between rainfalls, but neither are true deserts.

Why is that important to remember? Well, it’s worth highlighting this fact to remind our readers that it is possible to underwater succulents. Many houseplant owners think of succulents as needing NO water, and that’s just not true. While these plants require less watering than other houseplants, they still need a set cadence of watering to achieve their healthiest state of being. 

Overwatering Succulents

We've learned that succulents are from arid regions of South Africa and Mexico. And while it is important to remember that you can underwater succulents, it is also worth remembering that over-watering is possible. Remember, if succulents are from parts of the world with sporadic rainfall, dumping too much water on your succulents too quickly is something the plants just won’t be adapted for. Overwatering is probably the fastest way to spoil a succulent. Overwatering dramatically increases the odds of rot for succulents, as well as the odds of certain types of fungus and diseases. 

So, while your succulents need regular watering, overwatering will damage them as well. The best course of action is to find a watering schedule with the proper balance. Not too much, not too little. The Goldilocks approach to watering succulents, if you will. 

How Often Should You Water Succulents?

This is all excellent context, but you are likely still asking yourself just how often you should water your succulents. The answer will, of course, depend on many factors, and there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. However, every other week in the summer and once a month in the winter is sufficient for most succulent varietals. 

Again, this is an overarching bit of advice. Some varietals can weather low water, while others thrive with more water. There are over 10,000 types of succulents, so the group has a lot of diversity. Feel free to consult with our team if you need a custom recommendation. 

Ways to Mitigate the Risk of Under or OverWatering

  • Choose the Right Pot: Typically, a ceramic pot with a small hole to allow excess water to drain is best. 
  • Get the Right Soil: Sandy, porous soil is our primary go-to. 
  • Ask For Specific Varietals: Certain varietals of succulents can go longer without water than others.
  • Properly Place the Succulents: Sometimes, it’s not a lack of water that is harming your succulents. Be sure that your succulents are placed somewhere they will receive the right amount of direct sunlight without being baked by overexposure to direct light. A window that gets a few hours of direct sunlight in the afternoon, but not all day, is a good placement for a succulent. 

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Watering your succulents can be confusing, but with a bit of research and a good schedule, you can ensure that your succulents are healthy and fit. If you are looking for succulents, cactus, and other houseplants, look no further than We have a fantastic inventory of houseplants and first-time orders over $50 Come with free shipping!

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