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6 Bright Light House Plants You Need In Your House
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6 Bright Light House Plants You Need In Your House

Do you get copious amounts of sunlight in your home and want to bring in new plants but not sure which would make it? Well, not all house plants are the same and require different amounts of lighting to do their best. Today we’ll be sharing a few of our favorite plants that thrive in bright light.  

Snake Plant


The Sansevieria Laurentii, or commonly known as the Snake Plant is out top rated bright light plant because of its many favorable qualities. Not only can this house plant tolerate lots of light, it is drought-tolerant and hard to kill. The Snake Plant has amazing air-purifying qualities and is one of the few to continue to produce oxygen at night, rather than releasing carbon dioxide like other plants. 

Croton Petra


If you’re someone that likes more colorful plants or just looking to add something bright and cheery to your space, the Croton Petra is the perfect match for you. This plant maintains its spectacular colors when it’s in bright light. Being quite easy to care for, the Croton Petra only needs to be watered when the soil is dried out. 

Ponytail Palm


The Ponytail Palm is a fan favorite because of its unique look. Otherwise known as the “Elephant’s Foot” this plant has a trunk that acts as a reservoir to hold water, making it a more drought-tolerant plant. While it can sustain in low light conditions, the Ponytail Palm does its best in bright light. Did we mention that it also comes in a 4-inch grow pot and is the perfect desktop addition?

Trailing Jade


A succulent on our list is the Trailing Jade. This plant comes with a hanger that can easily be attached to a hook on a balcony, ceiling or somewhere in your garden. Being one of the easiest plants on this list, the Jade Plant only needs to be watered when the soil dries out and doesn’t require any special care. The Jade Plant also has great air purifying qualities and is a must-have in our opinion.

Moneytree Plant


The Moneytree Plant is famously known for being a symbol of good luck and used quite a lot in Feng Shui practices. This plant’s unique braided stem and vibrant green leaves enjoy bright light and only needs to be watered once every one to two weeks. It makes for the perfect housewarming gift, congratulatory gift, etc. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig


A plant that surprisingly does very well in bright light is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. This big leafy plant needs to be watered when the top 2 inches of soil starts to dry out. The Fiddle Leaf Fig comes from a tropical climate, so misting the leaves every few days will help this plant grow even stronger and more beautiful.

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