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Valentine's Day Collection | Rare Kalanchoe Sexangularis Live Succulent Plant In Stunning Gold Ceramic Pot

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This very cool and colorful succulent always makes a statement. This live succulent plant comes in an elegant ceramic gold thrown bowl. The pot is approx 3.5 inches tall and comes with a removable red bow making this a perfect gift. This unique plant is often referred to as bushveld kalanchoe, red-leaved kalanchoe, or six angled kalanchoe. This beauty is native to Southern Africa and grows is a shrub like way. It is not only known for it's remarkable color but also for it's unique looking leaves. The strongly scalloped leaves grow upwardly in a cupped like form on a square stem. This red leaf kalanchoe is a hardy plant and maintains it's deep red color with strong light. The less light it receives the greener the plant will become. Care: Succulents do not like to be over watered. Water once a week (less often in the winter) and allow for the plant to fully dry out before the next water. This live succulent plant prefers excellent drainage, and lots of light.