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Senecio Serpens is a type of small perennial evergreen plant that branches from the base. It is rooting along its stems. The stems look like semi-cylindrical short leaves. The fleshy finger-like leaves are usually bluish green or bluish gray in color. It blooms small white flowers are small.

Scientific Name: Senecio Serpens.

Origin: South Africa

Plant Type: Succulent

Size: 3”

Propagation: Divide or repot the plants during the early parts of spring. If you are planning to grow them in containers, bring them outdoors during the summer season. When it is fall, wait out any indications of frost before bringing them out again. As much as possible, keep them indoors during this season. They can be grown from cuttings or seeds. Among the two, the cuttings are easier to handle and are the faster to grow. Cut during Senecio Serpens’ growing season during the early parts of spring to fall. Repot in damp well draining soil and allow to root before watering again.

Growth Habit: Ground cover

Light: Partial to full sunlight

Water: This plant is extremely tolerant to drought spells. They need little water during the summer season. However, the soil should not be wet for prolonged periods of time. Let the soil dry out in between watering periods. This is especially important during the winter season. Let the soil dry out first before watering again. The same is so when your plant is in dormant state.

Zone: 9 to 11

Temperature: This drought tolerant plant thrives in warm dry climates. Avoid frost.

Fertilizer: Fertilize this plant during the spring and summer months with organic liquid fertilizer.

Tips: Plant succulents in a well draining soil and allow them enough space to create a beautiful blue ground cover in your outdoor garden!