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This is a slow growing type of shrub that has reddish brown stems and green glossy obovate leaves that can grow up to 0.8 inch longs. The leaves are heavily variegated with a cream color. The stems turn interwoven as this plant begins to age. The small flowers are lavender and pink in shades and are shaped like clusters.

Origin: South Africa

Plant Type: Succulent

Size: 120”

Propagation: This can be easily reproduced from cuttings. Take the cuttings during the summer or spring season for optimal results. Allow the cutting to dry out and callous for a few days. After that, plant this cutting in a small pot and in a damp and gritty soil. Place this cutting in a semi-lit area where the temperature is a bit warm.

Growth Habit: Shrubbing

Light: Partial to full sunlight.

Water: This plant can be watered once a week at the very least. Gradually decrease the frequency of the watering as the winter season begins to approach. Make sure to go for pots with large drainage holes to further assist drainage.

Zone: 10 to 11

Temperature: This can thrive under bright light in a warm and draft-free area. Furthermore, it appreciates being exposed to warmer temperatures and may go dormant during the colder months.

Fertilizer: Fertilize this succulent using an organic liquid variety during the growth season. Do this during the start of spring time until the summer season. This will help boost the defense system of the plant.

Tips: Make sure to always check for presence of bugs and other types of pests around the edges of the stems and the soil.