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This is a succulent with glossy and fleshy leaves that can grow as a small bush eventually. As the name implies, this is a food meant for elephants but has been eventually adapted so it can also be cared for indoors. Its bushes have thick brown stems and tender green small leaves that strongly resemble jade plants. It produces pink small flowers that are clustered.

Origin: South Africa

Plant Type: Succulent

Size: 24”

Propagation: This plant requires a well-drained soil to avoid flooding the plant. As much as possible, use unglazed pots to further encourage evaporation that can assist proper drainage. Go for a location with indirect sunlight if you are planning to grow this indoors. Full sunlight can cause the leaves to char and eventually fall off.

Growth Habit: Clustering

Light: Partial sunlight.

Water: This plant can be watered once a week at the very least. Gradually decrease the frequency of the watering as the winter season begins to approach. Make sure to go for pots with large drainage holes to further assist drainage.

Zone: 10 to 11

Temperature: This can thrive under bright light in a warm and draft-free area. Furthermore, it appreciates being exposed to warmer temperatures and may go dormant during the colder months.

Fertilizer: Fertilize this succulent using an organic liquid variety during the growth season. Do this during the start of spring time until the summer season. This will help boost the defense system of the plant.

Tips: Plant in an area that gives plenty of room for the plant to grow larger!