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This is a succulent with leaves filled with a translucent type of gel that is highly similar to what you can see in aloe vera plants. Color ranges from brown to green to variegated. This stemless evergreen perennial plant has leaves that can grow up to 2 inches long and rosettes up to 3 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. Flowers are pale pink with brownish-green veins.

Scientific Name: Haworthia Cymbiformis

Origin: South Africa, California, Florida

Plant Type: Succulent

Size: 4”

Propagation: It can be propagated by dividing the bulbs, corms, tubers, and rhizomes. Offsets in bulbs may also be included. You may also propagate the plant through lefts cuttings. Let the cut surface turn hard before you plant that part. If you are using a seed to begin propagating, directly sow after the last frost.

Growth Habit: Rosette

Light: Bright indirect sunlight

Water: Excessive moisture or water can kill this succulent. Water the succulent just enough to maintain the fleshy and round quality of the leaves. This needs little to moderate watering and will depend on the current weather condition. Thoroughly water this once every two or three weeks.

Zone: 9 to 11

Temperature: They mostly thrive during the winter season in mild climates. Make sure the succulents will not be subjected to freezing temperatures. If you subject them to anything colder than that, the plant will rot.

Fertilizer: Fertilize during the spring and summer months bi weekly.

Tips: Plant and acclimate this plant in well draining soil.