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Ghost Plant is a colorful type of perennial succulent with rosettes that measure up to approximately six inches. It has pointed thick, flat, and triangular leaves that can range from light pinkish purple to light blue. Its rosettes are fleshy and can create a spreading colony that measures around 12 inches tall. Its flowers are white and yellow.

Scientific Name: Graptopetalum Paraguayense 'Ghost Plant'

Origin: Mexico

Plant Type: Succulent

Size: 4-6”

Propagation: You can clip the rosettes by the stem and repot them to start a new mother plant.

Growth Habit: Rosette

Light: Partial to full sunlight

Water: Ghost Plants need good drainage with moderate amounts of water. Stick your finger in the soil to determine if the soil is already dry. If it is too dry several inches deep or the leaves started to shrivel, it is time to water. Excessively watering it will cause the roots to rot.

Zone: 7 to 11

Temperature: These plants thrive in both warm dry climates as well as cooler climates.

Fertilizer: Fertilize the succulents during the early parts of spring into the summer season.

Tips: You may try mixing this plant with other types of succulents. This will make for a low-maintenance and interesting planting set for your garden. If you are growing this as houseplant, make sure to place it near a west, east, or south window.