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This is an evergreen succulent that forms a large rosette. The leaves are olive green to lavender rose in shades and are slight pointed, rounded, and fleshy. The surface is adorned with pink edges. When exposed to the sun for too long, you will see that the plant will develop a deeper color. Its peak growth is during summer time.

Origin: Garden cultivar

Plant Type: Succulent

Size: 12”

Propagation: Most types of succulents under this species are not really complicated to take care of. Just make sure to take note of the basic rules in taking care of succulents. Get rid of the dead leaves as the plant begins to grow. Leaving the dead leaves as they are will just eventually attract insects and other pests. The summer season is the best time to repot this plant.

Growth Habit: Rosette

Light: Partial to full sunlight.

Water: Make sure not to let excessive amounts of water stay in the pot as this can cause fungal diseases or rotting to take place and eventually kill the plant. Just water the plant sparingly around once a week. Decrease watering frequency as the winter season approaches.

Zone: 9 to 11

Temperature: This plant greatly appreciates warm temperatures most of the time.

Fertilizer: Fertilize this succulent using an organic liquid variety during the growth season. Do this during the start of spring time until the summer season. This will help boost the defense system of the plant.

Tips: Help avoid pest infestations by clearing away dead leaves at the base of the succulent.