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Crassula Rubricaulis is a branching perennial shrublet. The leaves are fleshy and thick.

Scientific Name: Crassula Rubricaulis

Origin: California

Plant Type: Succulent

Size: 11 to 19”

Propagation: Crassulas are usually started off through leaf cuttings, offsets, or divisions. These can easily be propagated using one leaf. Sprout the leaves by means of placement on cactus or succulent mix. Cover the dish and wait for it to sprout.

Growth Habit: Shrubbing

Light: Soft to full sunlight

Water: These do not need frequent watering as they naturally retain water through their leaves. If you leave them to soak in moist or wet soil, there is a great chance that the roots will rot. During the colder months, provide some drenching then let the soil dry out before you proceed to watering again. During the summer season, these succulents get dormant so they will need even less water than the usual.

Zone: 9 to 10

Temperature: This succulent will thrive in warm dry temperatures.

Fertilizer: Fertilize during the spring and summer months.

Tips: Crassulas are generally easy to grow, but are highly exposed to fungal diseases and mealy bugs. Never overwater them. It is much safer to keep the soil dry than to have it soaked. If you are using a saucer beneath the pot, regularly drain the water from it to prevent the roots from rotting.