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Padgoda is a very unique cultivar. This branching perennial has shades of green, purple, and red. The flowers can grow into long pagoda chains, hence the name of the plant.

Origin: South Africa

Plant Type: Succulent

Size: 10”

Propagation: It is usually started from leaf cuttings, offsets, or divisions. You can propagate this plant from a single leaf. Just sprout the leaves by using a cacti mix or a succulent mix as your medium, cover the dish until it begins to sprout. Repot during the summer season as needed. Just make sure that the soil is relatively dry prior to repotting.

Growth Habit: Branching

Light: Partial to full sunlight.

Water: This can tolerate a prolonged period of drought so you do not have to worry about not watering it every once in a while. In fact, you should always error on the side of underwatering, rather than overwatering to ensure that the roots will not rot.

Zone: 9 to 11

Temperature: It tolerates warm water conditions more than the cold ones. Do not let the plant sit in water as this may be fatal when the plant is left for too long.

Fertilizer: Fertilize this succulent using an organic liquid variety during the growth season. Do this during the start of spring time until the summer season. This will help boost the defense system of the plant.

Tips: This is relatively easy to grow, but you must always check the plant for hints of mealy bugs and other types of pests.