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Cotyledon Tomentosa 'Bear Paw' 2in Plant


Cotyledon Tomentosa 'Bear Paw' 2in Plant


Cotyledon Tomentosa 'Bear Paw' is a fleshy paw shaped succulent plant. Bear Paw succulent has fuzzy green leaves, which add a beautiful contrast and unique texture to any garden use of the plant. This African native shrublet has dense branches reaching up to 20 inches keeping this succulent compact and able to offer ground coverage to a space. The leaves typically reach around 1.5” with teethed edges giving the look of a clawed paw, hence the name! You can expect this succulent to bloom little orange flowers from the center of the leaves in the spring time.

Origin: Africa

Plant Type: Succulent

Size: Up to 20”

Propagation: To propagate, clip the offsets, or “pups” and replant the stems in a well draining soil.

Growth Habit: Dense ground cover

Light: Full sun or bright indirect light.

Water: Let your succulent dry completely between watering cycles and always avoid any standing water near the plant. Pot your succulent in cactus and succulent soil mix with excellent drainage.

Zone: 9-11

Temperature: This plant does best in warm dry climates. During cold winter months, bring your succulent indoors near a bright sunny window, and keep away from frost.

Fertilizer: Fertilize your succulents in the spring and summer months bi weekly with succulent fertilizer.

Tips: Cotyledons thrive in rocky porous soil with lots of drainage.