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This is a type of genus that consists of numerous species of small perennial plants. This is a freely branching type of leaf succulent that forms some mats and low clumps. The leaves are somewhat purplish. The same is so with the flowers and the peduncles. It has filament-like and attractive hairs that can be seen along the stems.

Origin: South Africa

Plant Type: Succulent

Size: 15”

Propagation: Take care not to water the plant in full sunlight because this can cause sunburns along the body of the plant. Doing this will help prevent fungal infections. Keep this dry during the winter season by allowing it to drain. Make sure to provide adequate airflow during winter. Make sure there is no high atmospheric humidity during the rest period.

Growth Habit: Rosette

Light: Partial sunlight.

Water: Water this plant at least once a week during the summer season. As soon as the winter season comes by, make sure to keep it as dry as possible as this is its “resting period”. Increase the watering gradually as the spring season starts to approach.

Zone: 9 to 11

Temperature: Keep this dry as much as possible. It can somewhat tolerate sporadic episodes of light frost as long as it is kept dry. Move the pots indoors during the winter to regulate the temperature around the plant.

Fertilizer: Fertilize this succulent using an organic liquid variety during the growth season. Do this during the start of spring time until the summer season. This will help boost the defense system of the plant.

Tips: Never keep this plant in the dark as it may turn overly lush and can further increase its chances of rotting.