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  • How to Root and Care For your Succulent Cuttings
  • Post author
    Veronica Janik

How to Root and Care For your Succulent Cuttings

You've received your succulent cuttings, now what?

Succulent cuttings differ from working with potted rooted succulents, and the difference is simple, cuttings come without roots! Succulents have the miraculous ability to root very rapidly with little assistance making this a fun and easy garden project. Whether you're a succulent veteran, or newer to developing your green thumb, succulent cuttings are an excellent place to start.

The additional step when you're working with succulent cuttings requires you to root your plants before following normal maintenance care.
The first thing you want to remember with succulents is that they require a soil medium with a lot of drainage. A cactus and succulent soil mix typically includes ingredients that allow moisture to move through the soil evenly and quickly to avoid standing water. Remember, these plants are typically from dry, hot, climates so dense soil mixtures that don't allow proper drainage can very easily lead to root rot and kill your succulents.

To root your succulent cuttings, you will plug the stems of the cuttings into gently moistened soil and leave them to root for about 2-3 weeks. Depending on the species. Succulents are incredibly vulnerable during the rooting process and the main key ways to protect them are to monitor sunlight and water very carefully.
During the first week, do not water them at all and keep them out of direct sunlight. The couple weeks following, you can lightly water your cuttings once per week. After about three weeks you can gently tug on the stem to see if there is resistance, indicating the plant has rooted. If the plant has successfully rooted, move into soft sunlight and begin watering once a week.

Keep in mind that the rooting process will speed up or slow down depending on how warm the weather is and which season and species you are dealing with. For example if you try to root aeoniums during their dormant season, you will have a very difficult time! 

Once your succulents have rooted, switch over to following our easy succulent care guide to help provide an optimal environment for your succulents to thrive!

  • Post author
    Veronica Janik

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