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Succulent Leaf Propagation

Are your succulent plants looking a little leggy or stretched out? If so chances are they did not receive proper water and sunlight. More on these particular topics below Succulent propagation is a fun and easy project for anyone interested in creating new additions to your plant family without spending a single penny.  This process can be one of the most fun and exciting steps when working with succulent plants not to mention purely fascinating . Whether treating plants in rough shape or simply interested in spawning fresh plants with what you already have, leaf cuttings are super easy to work...

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Vibrant Colorful Succulents

Hey there succulent lovers! Today I've decided to address a common topic I find a lot of people concerned with. Frequent question's asked by friends and customers usually go something like "Why are my succulents not very colorful?" and "Do they need more water and sunlight?" or "WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?".  I would like to share a few key tips everyone should know when trying to improve the color of your succulent plants. All succulents need water and sunlight, but the amount of sunlight and water used in caring for your plants plays a huge role in the overall...

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Best practices for Watering Your Succulents

The most important part of succulent care is...Only water the plants when the soil is completely dry!  If the soil has any moisture, do not water them at all.  If it takes 2 weeks for the soil to dry out then water in 2 weeks, if it takes 2 days then water in 2 days. This is 90% of proper succulent care.  When you water your plants be sure they are being watered in the evening or late afternoon after the sun has mostly gone down.  Succulents best absorb water and nutrients from the soil during their rest period (which is in...

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