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Cuttings 50 Mixed



Due to the continuous snow storms we are only able to offer 3 day expedited shipping so that the succulents spend as little time as possible in the freezing weather. We apologize for this extra cost and we will return to our lower shipping price upon warmer weather. In addition we are including a warmer in every box to fight the severe weather. The warmers are white and will be wrapped in brown kraft paper. The warmers are environmentally safe and can be thrown away upon delivery. Please do not open the warmer or ingest. If there is any damage to the succulents you must let us know within 24 hours for a refund to be possible, thank you!


A lovely collection, making a perfect addition to your garden!

In this batch of cuttings, you will receive a minimum of 10 varieties, based on the time of year. Cuttings are freshly calloused over and ready to be planted. Succulent cuttings can be used to add selection to your home garden, to start a new garden, or to have some fun with a potted arrangement. Typically the rooting process takes between 2 and 4 weeks. Depending on the season, spring being the most optimal rooting season, the cuttings should sprout roots in about 2 weeks. Give them an additional couple of weeks the rest of the year, but have no fear, for they are hardy and determined!

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